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Miscellaneous Spells

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The following list contains some spells that I cast. Read through them carefully and choose the spell or spells that best fits your desired outcome. If you are not sure which spell will work best, please feel free to email me at and I will help you in choosing the right spell for your needs.

I will need the below information in order to cast your spell:

  • Name of person or people involved in spell – include middle name and nickname if you know it
  • What outcome you want from the spell - write a paragraph of two about the situation and desired outcome, including any specific details.
  • Birth dates - if you do not have the full birth date that is fine. I can still do the spell
  • Picture of the person or people involved in the spell (optional)

Miscellaneous Spells:

Banish Negativity/Aura Clearing - Does nothing seem to go right for you? Ever joke ‘I must be cursed!’ Do you feel like you have bad luck, a negative outlook on life, or find obstacles at every turn? This spell will clear your energy and aura to allow for a fresh and clean new approach to life.





Weight loss – Having trouble losing your excess weight? Are you fed up with trying diets and pills that promise miracles but don’t budge the scale? Request this spell and watch the pounds drop and your self-confidence improve.





Specialized Spell - The above spells are only my most popularly requested spells.

If you don’t see the spell you need, don’t worry. I offer many other spells, so if you need a spell that you don't see listed here email me to ask about options & pricing,




Be assured that I am here to help you. If you need to talk to me at any time, please email me at and I will answer your questions as quickly as I can.

You can also schedule a definite time with me to talk about your situation in more detail by requesting a tarot reading. That way, I can give you very specific details about the past, present, and future of your situation, as well as uncover any hidden elements that may be blocking your road to success.

Remember that my spells work miracles with last resort and hard to manage situations. However, these spells are serious business and are NOT to be used lightly, and you need to be very sure about these changes you want to make in your life!



Choose a tarot reading to answer all of your questions with clarity and SPECIFIC details
Choose a spell casting to see your desires manifest quickly.


All services and spells are private & confidential. None of your contact information will ever be shared with an outsider. No details of your spell casting will EVER be revealed to another.

Please be 18 years of age older to order any of my services

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