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Tarot Readings

Tarot & Psychic Reading

My psychic and mediumistic abilities are and always have been a natural part of my life. My senses tap into the spirit world, as I am shown the before (retrocognition) and what's coming (precognition) in any given situation. I use the Tarot as one of many tools that affirm what the spirits are trying to convey. I have also studied esoteric knowledge and shamanism for many years.

During my readings and spell work, I focus on these foundations and offers you tools to make any of your personal, romantic or business relationships flourish and grow.

I will always honestly and ethically guide you and give you clarity into any challenges facing your relationships and bonds.


30 Minute Intuitive Tarot Reading (performed through your choice of instant messenger) - $60




60 Minute Intuitive Tarot Reading (performed through your choice of instant messenger) - $100




Intuitive Tarot Reading by email (3 question max) - $50





Choose a tarot readingto answer all of your questions with clarity and SPECIFIC details
Choose a spell casting to see your desires manifest quickly.


All services and spells are private & confidential. None of your contact information will ever be shared with an outsider. No details of your spell casting will EVER be revealed to another.

Please be 18 years of age older to order any of my services

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